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Nutrigenomics: Creating DNA Based Custom Nutrition Plans


, How do you compete in this noisy marketplace?  How do you serve your clients at a deeper level?  

When you can offer more than just basic meal plans or gauge your clients' success on how "they feel", you stand out as the Go To Expert.

The field of Nutrigenomics is cutting-edge. Understanding how to incorporate this field into your practice can be the difference between struggling vs. thriving and the answer to an additional $5K - $10K per month in revenue!!

NOW is the time to get ahead of the curve so you don't get left behind. And, we have just the solution for you.

There is nothing else on the market teaching you...

  • DNA based way to determine the exact macronutrient percentages that each of your clients’ need to succeed,
  • The ability to easily determine your clients response to resistance or endurance exercise and what specific percentages of each of these they will benefit from most because of their genetic makeup.
  • magic formula to track and improve your clients’ health, wellness & longevity, and,
  • proven, cutting edge SYSTEM for adding an additional $10K+ per month to your medical, health, wellness or nutrition practice!

Learn how Creating DNA Based Custom Nutrition Plans set you apart from the competition...

How it allows you to provide an exclusive level of service ensuring your clients' get better results faster...

And, sets you up to command the higher level pricing you deserve for your time and service.  

In this course, you will learn how to incorporate:

  • Their Unique DNA Based Macronutrient Percentages
  • Their Ability/Inability to Digest Fats (MUFA's/PUFA's) Keto or no Keto?
  • Their Ability to Metabolize Beverages: Lactose, Caffeine, Alcohol
  • Their Vitamins & Supplements Deficiency Propensity
  • Their Internal Behaviors (Food Cravings, Taste, Sweet Tooth, Emotional Eating, Addictive Behaviors)
  • Their Unique Exercise & Activity Recommendations (Percentage of Aerobic vs Anaerobic (Power) Ratio)
  • Their Stress Response (Ability to deal with short/long term stress & Stress Hypertension)
  • Their Overall Health (Healthy Blood Sugar, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure)
  • Health Awareness & Effort Score Based on Their Genetic Profile

Get started today to learn how YOU can start Profiting from this cutting edge DNA technology and training.  

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